† Countess Ursula zu Pappenheim

Countess Ursula zu Pappenheim died in the night from Friday 05. till Saturday 06.01.2018 in Eichstätt. She was bron in 1926 as daughter of Count Ludwig zu Pappnehim, he last male Governor of the Pappenheim line  with whom the main line died out in 1960. Because her only brother died in the Second World War she became the Ursula was the heir to the ancient noble family of the Reich marshals and she continued the line with the marriage of Count Gert  von der Recke who took the name Count von der Recke-Vollmerstein-Count zu Pappenheim.  From this marriage she had three daughters one of them  Iniga is married with Count Albrecht of Egloffstein, who  administrates  the Pappemheimer possessions.
Countess Ursula was always close to the people and was extremely popular in the city in her simple and uncomplicated manner.

Article in Nordbayern


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