Götzenburg Jagsthausen

The Burg Jagsthausen also common known as Götzenburg dates in its  medieval beginnings back to the lords of Husen, but it was rebuilt and extended several times, most recently from 1876 to 1878 by Ulm’s Münster architect, August von Bayer.

Since 1950, the castle has served the Jagsthausen castle festival as a playground and has been marketed as Götzenburg since about this time. In fact, the historical Götz lived only a few years of his childhood in this castle and never owned the castle that one of his older brothers inherited. The castle, which is in the possession OF the Family of Berlichingen, is currently inhabited by Alexandra Freifrau von Berlichingen and the tenant family.  Roman Herzog, former Federal President and deceased husband of Alexandra Freifrau von Berlichingen, lived in the last years before his death in the castle.

The complex which is ,surrounded by a moat, still has considerable building fabric from the 15th and 16th centuries. The castle Jagsthausen consists of a palace with a knight’s hall, a women’s house with kemenatees, a Bergfried as well as a service building with large corner towers. In the Schlossmuseum, in one of the corner towers, the two original Iron Hands of the Götz von Berlichingen are shown alongside weapons and Roman antiquities. Unfortunaetly it was not open when i was there as it only open fo Tours A park with a romantic ruins architecture of the 19th century surrounds the castle. One can walkd around the Castle and also through the Inner Court in which Memorial Placettes for the deceased Barons are placed on the sides the most recent on for the late Baron Götz of Berlichingen who died in 1994.










































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