Rosenstein Castle

Rosenstein Castle in Stuttgart was  built from 1821-1829 for King Wilhelm I. of Württemberg  by his court architect Giovanni Salucci in classicist style. The Castle is located in the immediate vicinity of the Zoological-Botanical Garden of Wilhelma on the eastern edge of an English landscape garden, the Rosensteinpark in the district of Bad Cannstatt. It was  planned as a summer residence but was never permanently occupied. In the years 1877-1918, the castle housed the important collection of paintings and sculptures of the King Wilhelm I.  from 1921 the world war brokerage and from 1933 additionally a war museum.Inj 1944 the Castle was heavila damaged and then rebuild in the 1950’s. From tghe rich artistic interieur only four-year-olds from Conrad Weitbrecht could be saved. Since 1954 Rosenstein Castle is the seat of the biological Museum of National Museum of National History in Stuttgart.









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