mediatized Houses: The Princely House of Oettingen-Spielberg


The Princely House of Oettingen-Oettingen and Oettingen-Spielberg

The Family of Oettingen originates from the Family of the Sieghardinger, documented in 1007, as the ancestors of the Hohenstaufen. The tribal line as Count of Oettingen begins (documented in 1147) with Ludovicus comes de Otingen, who in that  year received the old staufische Gaugrafschaft in Ries as a fief, or (documentary 1250) his brother Chuno comes de Othingen.  The affinity of the Öttingians with the Hohenstaufen is also documented by documents, without the exact kinship relationship becoming clear. From the 12th to the 14th century, the family gained the largest secular territory in Eastern Swabia. As close confidants of the Staufer, they initially manage their extensive possession in the Ries. With the decline of the former in the second half of the 13th century, they enter the abandoned power vacuum and can gradually take over the stubborn possessions (Harburg, Alerheim, Wallerstein, Katzenstein et al.). Added to this is the acquisition of church property and former royal property (Eichstätter Bannforst). Towards the end of the 14th century, the targeted acquisition policy of the “Oettinger” and the arronding of its territory were largely completed.

In the course of the 15th century there where several divsions in the House of Oettingen. 

In 1557 another division took place among the sons of Count Ludwig XV.  in the following lines
  • the protestanht line Oettingne-Oettingen
  • the catholic line Oettingen-Wallerstein


In the division of 1522 Count Ludwig XVI received seven twelfths of the possessions and founded the line Oettingen-Oettingen. In 1674 this line was raised top Fürsten of the Empire (Reicdhsfürstenstand). The importance of this line is is highlighted in particular by Princess Christine Luise oft Oettingen-Oettingen married to Duke Ludwig Rudolf, of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, whose daughter Elisabeth Christine marreid the future eErman Emperor Karl VI. They where the granndparents of Emrpress marita Theresia, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia.  Another daughter, Charlotte Christine  married the Russian heir to the throne Alexei, son of Zar Peter the great. This line became exticnt in 1731
Counts since 1674 Fürsten zu Oettingen-Oettingen
1557-1569 Ludwig XVI:
married first to Countess Margarethe of Wetzelstein
married socond to Countess Suanne of Mansfeld
1569-1622 Gottfried
married first to Countess Johanna of Hohenlohe-Neuenstein
married second to Countess Palatine Barbara of Zweibrücken
1622-1634 Ludwig Eberhard
married to Countess Margarethe of Erbach
1634-1658 Joachim Ernst
married first to Countess Anna Sibylle of Solms-Laubach
married second to Countess Anna Dorothea of Hohenlohe and Gleichen
married third to Countess Palatine Anna Sophie of Sulzbach
1658-1683 Albrecht Ernst I.
married first to Princess Christine Friederike of Württemberg
married second to Princ3ess Eberharinde Katharine of Württemberg
1683-1731 Albrecht Ernst II.
married to Princess of Sophie Louise of Hesse-Darmstadt


In the division of 1557 Count Friedrich V. got Wallerstein and five twelfths of the possessions.Another division took place among the sons of of his son Count Wilhelm II. ion 1602.

Counts of Oettingen-Wallerstein
1557-1579 Friedrich V.
married to Countess Euphrosine of Oettingen
1579-1602 Wilhelm II.
married to Countess Johanna of Hohenzollern

From the division in 1602 emergred the following lines


In the divison of 1602 the descendants of the oldest son Coutn Wilhelm III. got Spielberg. In 1631 wghen the line Oettingen-odettingen became extinct the it received a third of its possessions. On 18.07.1735 Count Fraanz Albrecht ws raised to a Fürst of the Empire (Reichsfürstenstand). Despite thise rise in rank  they had until 1803  only a share in the curate vote of the Reichstag  of the Grafenbank of the Swabian Empire.  In article 24 of the Rheinbundakte, the Principality of Oettingen was mediated in 1806 by the Kingdom of Bavaria. The western part, about one third of the former county, went to the kingdom of Württemberg in 1810, The line of Oettingen-Spielbert today still owns the Residence Castle in oettingen, Othe Castle Hirschbunn and the old Castle Spielberg.

Counts since 1734 Fürsten zu Oettingen-Spielberg
1598-1600 Wilhelam III.
married to Baroness Elisabeth Fugger of Nordendorf
1602-1632 Johann Albrecht
married to Countess Gertrud of Papopenheim
1632-1665 Johann Franz
married to Countess Ludowika of Attems
1665-1675 Johann Sebastian
1675-1685 Johann Wilhelm
marrried to Countess Maria Anna of Oettingen-Wallerstein
1685-1737 Franz Albrecht
married to Baraonnes Johanna Margaretha of Schwendi and Hohenlandsberg
1737-1780 Johann Aloys I.
married to Princess Therese of Schleswig-Holstein-Wiesenburg
1780-1797 Johann Aloys II.
married first to Princess Henriette of Thurn and Taxis
married second to Princess Maria Aloisia of Auersperg
1797-1855 Johann Aloys III.
married to Fürstin Amalie of Wrede
1855-1882 Otto
married to Countess Georgine zu Königsegg-Aulendorf
1882-1916 Albrecht
married to Princess Pauline of Metternich-Winneburg
1916-1919 Emil
married to Countess Bertha Esterházy of Galántha
1919-1952 Otto
married to Countess Gabrile of Rechberg zu Rothenlöwen zu Hohenrechberg
1952-1975 Aloys
marrid to Countess Elisabeth zu Lynar
16975-    Albrecht
married to Angela Jank


In the division of 1602 Count Ernst was the founder of the line Oettingen-Baldern They owned Baldern Castle and Katzenstein Castle. Tis line became extinct in 1798 when a younger brother of the last Count who had become a Priest died.

Counts of Oettingen-Baldern
1602-1626 Ernst I.
married to Countess Katharine of Helfenstein
1626-1652 Martin Franz
married to Countess isabelle Eleonore of Helfenstein
1652-1677 Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst
married to Baroness Suanne of Türbeneck
1677-1693 Notger Wilhelm
married first to Baroenss Marie Sidonie of Sötern
married secont to Coutness marie Ernestine of Odettingen-Wallerstein
1693-1751 Kraft Anton Wilhelm
married to Coutness Eleonore of Schönborn-Buchheim
1751-1777 Joseph Anton
married first to Princess Marie Ruolfine of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen
married second to Countess >Maria Anmtonia of Waldburg-Zeil-Wurzach



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