Ellingen Castle

A castle has existed at the site at least since 1219. From then and for more than 400 years, it belonged to the Teutonic Order. As such, it was the residence of the territorial commander of the Bailiwick of Franconia, the wealthiest of the 13 provinces of the Teutonic Order. A number of both medieval and Renaissance buildings have occupied the site. The present baroque  Castle-Complex was built from 1718-1721 by Karl Heinrich von Hornstein According to plans by Wilhelm Heinrich Behringer under the direction of Karl Heinrich von Hornstein. Various ceiling paintings, wall paneling and flooring as well as pieces by Franz Joseph Roth are preserved from this period. The colonnades in the courtyard were created by Pierre Michel d’Ixnard around 1775.  In 1789, the seat of the residence of the Bailiwick of Franconia was moved to Bad Mergentheim, and a few years later the owner of the palace passed to the Kingdom of Bavaria. It was given as a gift in 1815 by the Bavarian king Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria to field marshal Fürst Karl Philipp of Wrede. The field marshal made a comprehensive re-furnishing of the palace.He had some rooms furnished with silk and paper towels, furniture, glass and bronze figures from Paris.In 1939 the Family Wrede sold the Castle to the State of Bavaria. However they sold only the Caslte but keept the Brewery with the Bräustüberl which is located oopside the Castle  and some other buildings on the Areal. Until 2011 the Princely Family had the right of use for the rooms East Wing of the Castle. i Behind the Castle in the grange is the the rentamt from which the Brewery Ellingen and the estates of the family are adminstrated. The Family also still uses the Castle Church for special occasion. So in 1998  the daughter of the present  Fürstm Fürstin Alexandra married Archduke Carl Peter of Austira there. Also the the children of Fürst  Carl Christian, the son of the present Fürst, where christened in the Castle Church
The Castle itself is s today administered by the Bavarian Administration of State-Owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes and open to the public through guided tours. The administration also rents out parts of the residence for larger events










The Inner Court

The East wing seen from the Inner Court









The Castle Church











Memorial for Fürst Carl, the father of the present Fürst who died un 1934 just days before the End of the War












The Park of the Castle


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