The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Heidelberg

Today i went to Heidelberg to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge there. After arriving i meet some other people i know and together we went into the City. We decided to have a look at the Marketplace where the Coupkle was to visit a special german-british Market. We know that there would be not much space for onlooker. We first had a quiet good place but after some time we where told that we would not be allowed to stand there. We then decided to stand at a place near the Church at the End of the Place where the Couple would come down o their way from the Marketplace to the neckar. There the waiting started. At some point it started to rain  and later again when there where already on the Marketplace. Finally they came. They walked direct in our direction. Even the people from the Police went a bit to the side and where not standing direct before us but some photographers walked direcht before them but we could have a good look on them for a short time. And soon it as over again.



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