A noble Wedding in Aulendorf

On Saturday 01.07.2017 Countess Marie-Alice zu Königsegg-Aulendorf married Philipp Lovrek at the Church St. Martin in Aulendorf. The birde is the older daughter of Hereditary Count Maximilian zu Königsegg-Aulendorf and his wife Marie Valerie, née Countess Kinsky. Although the groom is not noble he is very well connected to austrian noble Families as his late mother was a born Countess of Thun and Hohenstein and his grandmother a born Countess Czernin of Chudenitz. Also several other relatives are married into austrian noble Families.
I took the opportunity to travel to Aulendorf for that day. When i arrived there not much was ongoing but that soon changed. Soon the Wedding guests started to arrive and the al remained outside on the square before the Chruch where the greeted each other talked to each other. When the bride arrived they drove with the Car into the Inner Court of the Castle which is connected to the Church. Before the service started fiorst the groom accompanied by his sister walked from the Inner Court of the Castle to the Chruch. Soon followed the mother of the bride with the groom’s father and siblings, followed by the bride’s grandparents. And then came the bride accompanied by her father. The wedding Service which lasted for 2 hours was lead by Pater Paul Habsburg (aka Archduke Paul of Austria). At the end of the Service first friends of the Coukle came out out finally the bridal Couple. They posed for awhile in the Chruch door before they walked to the waiting Car. direct behind them came the Families and all the guests. They then drove to Königseggwald where a reception took place in the Garden of the Families Castle.



Guests i have seen there:

  • Archduke Simeon of Austria
  • Fürst Heinrich zu Fürstenberg
  • Fürst Hans Adam amd Fürstin Marie of Liechtenstein
  • Prince Max and Princess Angela of Liechtenstein
  • Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Nassau and Antonius Wilms
  • Count Stephan and Countess Sigweis of Neipperg
  • Duke Philipp of Oldenburg
  • Fürst Alexander and Fürstin Martina of Quadt
  • Count Bernhard and Countess Barbara of Rechberg
  • Hereditary Prince Carl-Anton of Waldeck and Pyrmont
  • Fürst Johannes and Fürstin Vivivana of Waldburgzu Wolfegg and Waldsee
  • Hereditary Count Ludwig of Waldburg zu Wolfegg and Waldsee
  • Fürst Erich and Fürstin Mathilde of Waldburg zu Zeiland Trauchburg with their daughters
  • Duke Friedrich and Duchess Marie of Württemberg
  • Duke Wilhelm of Württemberg
  • Duke Philipp and Duchess Marie Caroline of Württemberg




My photos from the Wedding

The photos are copyrighted and not to be used without my permisson


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