Interview with Fürst Philipp and Fürstin Saskia zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg

Why do two people fit together? In a series, special couples talk about their lives. Today: Philipp Fürst zu Hohenlohe and his wife Saskia are committed to a 800-year legacy and regularly visit the Buckingham Palace.

Langenburg – The castle of Langenburg is picturesque on a mountain high above the Jagsttal. Since the 13th century, the family of Hohenlohe has lived here. Since 2004, Prince Philipp and his wife Saskia have been running the company. They receive in the Yellow Salon.
Prince Philip, Princess Saskia, you have a pretty big house.
Fürst Philipp: Recently, my boys even discovered a tower, which I did not know at all. For this I know a few slip-angles, of which they know nothing. I still have a small lead.
Fürstin Saskia: Already when I was here for the first time, I liked it. I also like the landscape. I grew up on Starnberger See. Since it was also rural, I had a horse, there was a farm behind our house. But it is just a suburb of Munich and not comparable to Langenburg.
How to make a castle home?
Fürstin Saskia: We occupy only the second floor, since only the front part. So we move closer together.
Fürst Philipp: When we moved in, we recreated the bedroom and created a small living room where we mostly sit. In the children’s rooms in the north wing, there is a staircase from the basement to the roof-top. Because it was like pike soup, we built a door downstairs. Now it is a bit more secret when we go to the children in the evening or come to us at night and have to pass the dark staircase.
Fürstin Saskia: Not to forget the kitchen. It was intended as a workplace for the cook, a long hose without a table. As a princely family one did not stay in the kitchen. We now have a living room where we cook in the evening and the family get together.
Fürst Philipp: Our children did not want historic furniture in their rooms. You’ll find Ikea cooler.
Do you protect your furniture from the children?
Fürst Philipp: The large rooms are, of course, the best to jump from chair to chair without touching the floor. I also know such games from my youth. When our children once again attack a Tob-attack, we point it out, the sofa not too doll as a trampoline to misuse. But I would say that young dogs have broken more with us than with our children.

How did you meet each other?
Fürst Philipp: At a party in Munich, that was in June 2001. We realized that we had both studied business management and lived in the same block – I in number one, Saskia in number six.
Fürstin Saskia: We had apparently already been at various events of common acquaintance, but we had never noticed. Philipp to H. 2003 we married. Half a year later, my father died surprisingly. We were immediately drawn to continue the operation. At the beginning land was under. Chaos. For a year we dived into the drawers. First of all, we wanted to continue our business – my sports marketing, their investment funds. But that did not happen.
Was it clear that you would take over the castle?
Fürst Philipp: Yes, so I grew up: the eldest son takes over. Unfortunately, the classic generational transfer has not been successful. When I got home, it was always a leisure time for me. I never talked to my father about economic details. He knew secretly that the castle could no longer be held in the long run, but the change shied.
Fürstin Saskia: This was our task: to find ways to reduce current costs and to tap new sources of income.
How did you find your new role?
Fürstin Saskia: I had asked Philip: Tell me two years before we move to Langenburg, so I can prepare. Then I am so fast in the new task that I went infinitely that I did not come to think big. I can still do all the things I would have liked to do as Saskia Binder.

Fürst Philipp:  I find it hard to relax completely here. I can not walk in the jogging pants over the terrain, if guided tours below. Not that I would often jog, but I am here always in a certain respect position. That’s why we treat ourselves to drive away again and again to recharge our batteries. Or the social obligations: I have so many honorary offices that I can not really do it as well as one expects it as a conscientious person. I should have said no earlier. I thought each time: My father had the office – then you take it also.
Fürstin Saskia: I think we get it at least the children well, that they live a normal life. They go to the kindergarten, the primary school, have friends in the place. Sometimes they have to listen to sayings such as “The Little Prince”, but that’s part of it.

Princess Anne is your husband’s patent. His grandmother was the sister of Philip, Queen’s husband. At the wedding of William and Kate, you were one of two German families on the Gästeliste. How sure were your first steps on the royal parquet?
Fürstin Saskia: At the beginning one is nervous and somewhat intimidated. I previously asked my husband what to consider: How do I make the Knicks? Who do I make a Knicks before?
Fürst Philipp: Meanwhile, she kicks like a one.
Fürstin Saskia: The royal family is very friendly and makes it really easy for you. Philip with his 95 years remembers also stories from Langenburg. This is very interesting for us.
Fürst Philipp: And he knows the hiding-places in the castle as well as I do. He was still in the age of discovery when he lived here for a time in Langenburg.
You have long since been etching the etiquette in Buckingham Palace?
Fürst Philipp: Over time, a friendship has developed which goes beyond the purely kinship relationship. Due to a certain regularity of the visits, I have become more experienced. And also the one or other fauxpas happened to me.
You can tell.
Fürst Philipp: We’d better leave that.
Fürstin Saskia: At the wedding of William and Kate he asked if he could get a Pimm’s – a summer drink on Ginbasis with lemonade and fruits. The waiter then pointed out to him, very well, “Pimm’s we drink next month in Ascot, sir.”
In Thomas Mann’s “Buddenbrooks”, Hanno puts a line under his name in the family chronicle and tells the lazy father in childish premonition: “I believed. , , There would be no more. “Do you sometimes fear the holy wrath of an endless ancestral lineage?
Fürst Philipp: The internal pressure becomes one aware, if one notices, as other houses are forced by financial misfortune to sell their locks or move away. One wonders: What if you’re the one who screwed up everything after 800 years of history in the castle of Langenburg?
Fürstin Saskia:  At the beginning we thought everything up, played everything: give up, to the children this step times to spare? So that they can not blame us: “Why did you get us the chance to make it?” The most important thing is that somebody can succeed with a conscience at some point. So that the next generation can manage a few worry-free.
How exactly do your three children know the princely family tree?
Fürst Philipp: You can certainly enumerate more Youtuber than ancestors. I try to make it more relaxed than my father. If he gave me historical lectures, I found that as a boy stinking boredom. He was such an expert that he often responded unruly when asked: “Boy, it’s quite easy!” I really learned how to relate to whom, when I became a housekeeper when I was a housekeeper Oil portrayed ancestors and I had to think with many: Say, who are you actually?

Her eldest son is now twelve. Time for boarding school?
Fürst Philipp: I came with eleven to Salem – mainly because I was heavyweight master of dyslexia. Salem has taken me with my problems and led to Abitur. It was a defining time. But as young as I am, my children should not leave home.
Fürstin Saskia: I was not in boarding school, but could imagine it for my children – if they want it themselves! It would be too early for Max. But, who knows, in two years he may be so far.
Is there more family warmth in the castle today?
Fürst Philipp: That is so. You need to consider what role understanding my grandparents still grew up with. My grandmother, to recall, was a born princess of Greece, her mother-in-law the granddaughter of Queen Victoria, and Tsar Alexander II. My grandparents appeared every evening dressed up in tuxedos and evening dresses for dinner. The court went to the attempt of my grandfather to speak exclusively French with my father – which only worked mediocre. I also do not remember that my father was ever sitting at the edge of our bed. I say this without reproach. We learned it anyway.
In short: What do you like about the other?
Fürst Philipp: She is very relaxed.
Fürstin Saskia: His humor.
What is not?
Fürst Philipp:  That it does not matter if FC Bayern loses.
Fürstin Saskia: That he is afraid of horses. Where riding is my favorite hobby.
Fürst Philipp:  What also bothered her quite well is that I ski better than she does.
Fürstin Saskia: If that were the case.




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