A bavarian royal Wedding at Andechs

On Saturday 22.April 2017 the marriage of Prince Heinrich of Bavaria and Henriette Gruse took place at Andechs. The groom is the second son of Prince Luitpold of Bavaria and his wife Beatrix, née Wiegand. Since 2014 he has taken over the management of the annual Knight Games at Kaltenberg. This annual games take place on three weekends in July. His bride works as Eventmanager in the Gastronomy of Kaltenberg Castle.
I dove to Andechs early in the morning where i arrvied a bit after 9h00 clock. After meeting some friends there we decided to have a look around. Then the Chruch was still open to the public so we had a look into it. The Main room of the Church where the chairs where alreday prepared for the Service was sealed off but we could have a look into it also in the Sidechapel where the groom’s great-uncle and namesake Prince Heinrich of Bavaria (the son of Crown prince Rupprecht) is buried. Afterwards we decided to wait before the Church. After the first guests had arrived we where asked to stand a little bit down the hill. Luckily for use most f the guests walked up the hill to the Chruch and only some where drive up in their Cars. As the lst short before 11h00 the bride arrived in an open oldtimer cabriolet. She was accompanied by her brother. She of course was driven direct before the entrance of Church. Then Service which took around 1,5 hours started. Some of the songs could be heard outside as the was a Speaker.
Towards the End of the Service some of the Knights from the Knight Games arrived. After the bridal Couple had left the Chruch the posed with them for a Group picture on a lawn opposide the Church. After the bridal Couple guarded by the Knights walked down the Hill and into an Inner court of the monastery. In this Court there is the Fürstentrakt where a reception took place. All of the guests folllowed them.
We then decided to wait and see the guests leaving. At the End something funny happend. the bridal Couple came out of the Inner Court and then they wondered why their Car in which they where supposed to drive away was. The groom then phoned and it turned out that the Car waited at some other place.

Guests i have recogniced:

  • Prince Franz-Clemens and Princess Eleonore of Altenburg
  • Duke Franz of Bavaria
  • Duke Max in Bavaria
  • Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria and Danuiel Terberger
  • Prince Wolfgang and Princess Tatiana of Bavaria with daughter Flavia
  • Princess Ursula of Bavaria
  • Prince Manuel and Princess Anna of Bavaria
  • Princess Felipa of Bavaria and Christian Dienst
  • Prince Konstantin of Bavaria
  • Duchess Isabel of Braganza
  • Duke Rudolph of Croy
  • Hereditary Prince Carl Philpp of Croy and probaly also his brothers
  • Princess Xenia and Princess Anastasia of Croy
  • Fürst Michel and Fürstein Eleonor of Ligne
  • Severin Meister
  • Count Hans Caspar and Countess Elisabeth zu Toperring-Jettenbach
  • Countes Felix and Countess Antonia of Spiegel


My photos from the Wedding

The photos are copyrighted and not to be used without my permisson



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