Hannover Wedding News

Several german Newspapers reported yesterday that the Wedding of Hereditary Prince Ernst August of Hannover and Ekaterina Malysheva will take place at the second July-Weekend in Hannover. According to them he religious Wedding will take place in the Marktkirche in the old town of Hannover. Afterwards there will be a reception at Herrenhausen and a celebration at Marienburg Castle.  So far there was no comment from the Family.
The engagement of Hereditary Prince Ernst August and the russian born Ekaterina was announced in August 2016. At that time it was said that the Wedding would take place in summer 2017 in Lower Saxon

Article from NDR


2 thoughts on “Hannover Wedding News

  1. Le site est intéressant,la nouvelle présentation est mieux que la précédente mais j’aimerai qu’il y ait davantage de photos.

    • Thanks. I will Post pics from Weddings i have attended or from Castles/Royal Sides i have visited. Therefore at the moment there are not too much Pics in the Posts.

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