† Count Anton-Wolfgang of Faber-Castell

There is probably no one in Germany who would not have thought ever a pencil or highlighter from the house of Faber-Castell in hand. Yet never lost traction Anton-Wolfgang von Faber-Castell. Instead, he worked consistently and after retirement with great commitment to the success of this traditional company. After a serious illness, the CEO of Faber-Castell AG has now died on Thursday in the US Houston, as a company spokeswoman in Stein near Nuremberg announced on Friday. He was 74 years old.
Count Anton-Wolfgang of  Faber-Castellwas born  on 7 June 1941 in Bamberg. After attending school in Switzerland, he joined a law degree from the University of Zurich. “With Jura makes you never something wrong,” he explained this choice once the German Press Agency. His career has certainly not harmed: For six years he worked as an investment banker in London and New York, before he – joined the family – in the eighth generation.
In 1978 he became the sole managing partner of the Faber-Castell Group and later with the conversion into an unlisted company whose shares CEO. “I always found it interesting to gain experience abroad,” summed Graf von Faber-Castell. “I think that for my children to be important.” He is survived by a son from his first marriage three daughters from the relationship with his wife Mary.

Faber-Castell wanted normality for his children

During his youngest daughters – twins – with 19 years still standing on the threshold of adult life, his son Charles is already mid-30s, the former investment banker has occurred two years ago in the company. In November also wife Mary rose from the management of the cosmetics division in the Executive Board of AG, where also a brother of the deceased is active.
Graf von Faber-Castell has always desired that the company remains in the hands of the family after his death. However, he deliberately took his children at a young age in the operation. “This is a basic rule with us, the only times you have to be self-employed, before coming into the company.” In the education of his children he had always been careful to let them grow into normality and to educate about modesty, tolerance and moral courage.
High standards set Graf von Faber-Castell also to himself and his work. In conversation polite and attentive, never lacked the tall man with the softly falling silver hair while the handkerchief to a suit and tie. This is also reflected in his hobbies again. In addition to tennis and skiing Graf von Faber-Castell collected as a young man of art, especially contemporary drawings. He himself, however, to draw more than in boring meetings on the edge of his documents, he confessed once.

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