† Princess Maria zu Salm-Salm

Princess Maria zu Salm-Salm died on New Year’s Day. The Senior of the house Salm-Salm  was always known in Wallhausen and the surrounding area as a “Mrs Princess”. She was born on 03.12.er 1923 as Baroness of Boeselager on Burg Heimerzheim in Bonn. Two of her brothers were actively involved in the military resistance to Hitler: the ‘Barons Georg and Philipp of Boeselager. You selves used as a 20-year-old on the front in Minsk wounded.In 1951 she married Franz-Karl Prinz zu Salm-Salm and moved to Wallhausen. In the new home they engaged particularly in the Catholic church, as well as in health and senior care. The theater group, the tent Leger and many other local activities supported and promoted them intensely. The foundation phase of the Alfred Delp School accompanied them as well as the re-establishment of the monastery in Spabrücken. The parish belonged for decades as an elected member. The country Rhineland-Palatinate  paid tribute to Princess Maria by the award of the Medal of Merit of the country. The municipality Wallhausen awarded her, inter alia, the Medal of Honor.The solemn funeral will be on Friday 08.01.2016 at 11 clock. . It begins with the Requiem in the Parish Church of St. Lawrence to Wallhausen and ends at the family cemetery at the castle.

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