† Duchess Alexandra of Croy

At the age of 55 years Duchess  Alexandra of Croy died after a long illness on Wednesday 23.September. The wife of Duke Rudolph of Croy, with whom she has six children together, has used charitable in many ways.
This had always been situated close to her heart, says Rudolph Duke of Croy. She was active as a Maltese lady and member of the board of Bishop Heinrich Tenhumberg Foundation. In addition, she held the patronage of Dülmener multi-generational house.

Together with Myriam Baroness von Korff and the fashion designer Siggi Spiegelburg, she is also initiating a first-class Kleiderbörse. This took place this spring for the twelfth time held at Schloss Harkotten. The proceeds of this exchange is intended for charitable purposes. The Requiem for Duchess Alexandra of Croy takes place on 03.October  at 11 clock in the St.Jakobus- Church Karthaus.


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