Upcoming Wedding in the House of Baden

Prince Michael of Baden to marry this summer 
They know each other for six years, in the summer marries Prince Michael of Baden now his fiancée Christina Höhne. The wedding is to take place in the private family circle. “The Margravine and I look forward very sincerely for the pair,” citing the Margravial Haus  Margrave Max of Baden. Prince Michael  is the youngest child of the Margrave and Margravine of Baden, Archduchess of Austria. After completing his education Prince Michael entered the margrave family business and is  since 2009 the head of magravial Badensche administration and chief representative.  His fiancee, Christina Höhne  is a graduate engineer for interior design and the youngest child of Claus and Herlinde Höhne, born Geiger who grew up near Stuttgart. Most recently she worked, according to the Margravial management in a global architectural firm for three-dimensional brand presentation in Munich. A year ago she moved to Lake Constance in a creative agency for integrated design of architecture, interior design, product and communication design. Your responsibilities include management positions the client and project management.
The couple met six years ago know. The marriage takes place in Salem during the summer in the private family circle. More do not want to tell the House Baden currently. As can be learned from well-informed sources, the wedding will be celebrated beginning July 2015. Mayor Manfred Härle is, it is said, make the civil ceremony.

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