Schaumburg-Lippe separation

Fürst Alexander and Fürstin Nadja zu Schaumburg-Lippe are separated. 
This was confirmed by Fürst Alexander towards Bunte: Nadia and I have been separated for over a year, what has our friendly relationship not done any harm. She’s a great woman and a mother, and an even more valuable friend to me. Also, because our daughters, we are always connected to each other and be there for each other.
The couple has been married since 2007 and has  two daughters together: Felipa (6) and Philomena (3). The Munich lawyer Nadja Anna Princess of Schaumburg-Lippe: We have decided together to be no more to share life as friends and as a couple. Alexander is an important person and advisor in my life and we love our family. In the future we will be spending a lot of time together with each other.
The Fürst now commutes between his castle in Bückeburg and the children in Munich. It is already his second failed marriage. From 1993 to 2002 he was married to Marie-Louise Lilly” Princess of Sayn-WittgensteinBerleburg. Alexander zu Schaumburg-Lippe: “Even with my first wife I managed a peaceful separation. It’s my ambition that I still hammer out a second time.

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