Noble Wedding in Oettingen

Who needs the Westminster Abbey, when he has the  Oettinger St. Jakob’s’ Church, who, when the residence Castle Oettingen is the Buckingham Palace in front of the door and who needs Kate and William for a dream wedding when he has Princess Teresa zu OettingenOettingen and Oettingen-Spielberg as neighbor who their “Charly” in the St. Jacob’s Church last Saturday Carl Christian Oetker gave the knot?
Similarly liked the 300-400 onlookers – mainly from Oettingen and the North Ries, have thought that on Saturday morning from elf clock rallied on the Palace Square behind the barrier. From curiosity, curiosity about a touch of the big wide world, but also from home related and heartfelt sympathy out they wanted to experience the Oettinger variant of a dream wedding” live. And they were not disappointed: breakneck high were the heels of the ladies, the shorter for their clothes, fancy the hat creations, sometimes daring one way or another color combination and as a cut, sure, that makes what already here
More than 600 guests, according to the official information, the Princely Family Oettingen has invited to the church ceremony followed by a reception. Instead of wedding gifts, the couple asked for donations for the White Ring. The church was completely filled: here the boards of the Oettinger clubs, people in public life of the city, local politics, politicians from the county and beyond were invited. Among them next mayor, district and federal and state parliament also UN Special Envoy President Gerd Sonnleitner and Georg Schmid. But otherwise: especially family, friends and acquaintances of the couple. In any event and notwithstanding any persistent rumors: not a member of the British royal family only to find a little disappointed as the Oettinger onlookers.
Just a week before the couple was married in a civil ceremony by the Mayor Petra Wagner Oettinger. While studying in London, the two got to know: You, now 30year-old princess has been studying political science there, Christian Oetker (32 years old) business. Both have completed their studies with the master. She is in the film, he worked in the financial industry. As it should be for a cinematic dream wedding, the bride went along with her ​​father, Fürst Albrecht zu OettingenSpielberg, as last before. Not out of the coach, but from a petrol blue Benz Oldtimer they got out in front of the church door – that was marked with flags delegations of the Oettinger clubs. With spontaneous applause Teresa was welcomed. She smiled and waved at the crowd. The Oettinger princess wore the veil, had already married under which the grandmother of Prince. The noticed because the family piece was pure white and her creamy white wedding dress.
The ecumenical ceremony celebrated Öttingen former parish priest Francis Xavier Neher and Pastor Ulrich Rüß from Hamburg. Rüß had Carl Christian Oetker confirmed, and told the bride that her husband was never a defiant catechumen” was. One of the witnesses, Clement of Veltheim, brought the church to laugh when he asked for divine intervention for the German national team in a prayer for the couple. More than two hours took the wedding ceremony, with lots of music and singing was designed – especially Mozart, and a piece by Vivaldi. Front of the church during which awaited the onlookers patiently: “Too bad that you can not hear the music out here,” was regretted and Oettingerin revealed why the couple will be happy in any case: It has a little rain during the ceremony, the stork has rattled and the sun came out: water, Stork and sun all signs that bring happiness. “
Celebration was the Oettinger event
As then walked the young bridal couple from the church it was received with applause and the music of the town band Oettinger. Then we went to reception in the courtyard the weather held, although the sky drew upon again and again. The actual wedding finally took place in the circle of friends and family in the castle in the evening.
Although the groom’s family has placed great emphasis that the festival remains as private, the Princely family has made a Oettinger event of it: so mostly locals helped with the catering. Even with the party preparations was the urban and rural population involved: the Lord layers of beautiful flowers jewelry for example.

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