funeral Service for Prince Michael of Prussia

Funeral of Prussian Prince in Counts Hall

Relatives and friends attended yesterday at Hohenzollern Castle of Prince Michael of Prussia farewell. With roses, carnations – and not least with a Prussian  potato soup.

Around 100 people, mostly relatives, attended the funeral of Michael, Prince of Prussia. The celebration took place in the Counts  Hall. The coffin adorned the black-and-white Hohenzollern flag Hohenzollern, which once had covered the coffins of Friedrich the Great and of the soldiers king’s  when they return home to Berlin in 1991.
The coffin was decorated with flowers; outstanding while a wreath of roses from the next of kin, the widow and two daughters; also a clove Cross of the House of Hohenzollern, offered by the current head of the house, Prince Georg Friedrich. He appeared with his wife Sophie, in order to prove his uncle last respects. Also Hechingens Mayor Dorothea Bachmann attended the ceremony at the invitation of the family.
The ecumenical service presided over by the Protestant pastor Herbert Würth. Würth leaving also what a Catholic colleague had prepared for the occasion. The Munich-based clergy – again a family friend – therefore was not present because he had apparently missed the date.
Musically, the farewell was designed by Alexander Baumgartner, who played alongside hymns a composition Prince Louis Ferdinand: “Thanks.” (Prince Louis Ferdinand was the father of the deceased.). Subsequently, the mourners gathered for a snack in the Castle Tavern. There was potato soup, the traditional funeral feast, the modesty and frugality for changing Prussian tradition.
As a place for the burial urn is still a place on the castle in the conversation.


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