Urach Castle

Already in the 11th Century the Counts of Urach bought on a  a reflowed from the Ems located peninsula a  Watercastle, which later became Old CastleAbout the appearance of it nothing is known In 1264 it went through inheritance to the Counts of Württemberg. Around 1400 a new Castle Castle was build next to the small Watercastle. The look of the new Castle was similar to the Old Castle in Stuttgart albeit smaller it got still 2 floors above. the groundfloor.
In 1442 the County Württemberg wad divided between the brothers Ulrich V. and Ludwig I. and Urach became the Reisdence of the part Württemberg-Urach. Count Eberhard V. in the beard who in 1495 became the first Duke of Württemberg enlarged the Castle further , he let the two most beautiful halls, the Palm Hall and the Golden Hall, make. He celebrated there in 1474 his Wedding with Barbara Gonzaga of Mantua. After the reunification of the County of Württemberg in 1482 Urach lost its importance as the seat of government. The castle was subsequently used only as a hunting lodge, retreat for the Duke’s family, alternative accommodation or for festivities like  In 1585 the Wedding of the future Duke Ludwig  and Ursula of the Palatinate-Veldenz.
In 1546 the castle was occupied by Spanish troops in the Smalcald War of the Duke of Alba and the Thirty Years War in 1634 by imperial troops.  Under Duke Eberhard III. 1663/64 extensice renovations where made. 1790, the remnants of the old Watercastle were finally eliminated. Under Duek Carl Eugen who used the Castle often for hunts or travels it was further modenzied in the style of the time. In the  1960’s the Castle fundamentally renovated. It todays belongs to the statowned Castles and Gardens of Baden-Württemberg and can be visted.

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