Interview with the former wife of Prince Timo of Saxony

Charlotte Schwindack the former second wife of Prince Timo of Saxony has given an Interview to Bild Dresden.

An old woman sits in an armchair her Marburger apartment, seen photos of her life: Charlotte Princess of Saxony, Duchess of Saxony (94)!

She is the great unknown of all living representatives of the more than 1000 years old Wettin sex, never been asked to speak. But now speaks the stepmother of Prince Rüdiger of Saxony

Charlotte Schwindack: I will soon be 95 years old, do not know how many days are still granted me the Lord God. And I keep so many secrets in my heart, knows so many terrible things about our high noble family!

Your confession iridescent than any novel!

The super-clever and ardent monarchist from Dresden escaped from the inferno of the 13. February 1945 and the eastern zone and became an actress. Her great love was a French officer, from whom she has a son.

Later they took the for drug addiction and vagrancy incapacitated Saxony-Prince Timo ) out from psychiatry and married him.

And had to see how he was looking into the distance with a madam.

She knows everything from giant treasures, exorcisms 1940 Moritzburg Castle, secret adoptions and impostors in the orbit of their clan. The chiefs of the royal family they worship because of their discretion and modesty.

Charlotte Schwindack:: I do not call myself princess would never occur to anyone to ask even a painting or Meissner cuppa from museums. But I know the human greed for Money.

She herself is benefactress, three times per week are still private lessons, built after the turn of the Dresden School Museum and kindergartens help.

Until 2009 she fought each summer in Canada and Dresden with tke grandchildren of the last King, Princes Gero († 78) and Dedo († 87) that these Rüdiger not make it to the main heir.

This battle,” said Princess Charlotte, I have unfortunately lost. Now melt away their illions

Then she points to old photos: “I will now tell you my whole story.


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