A french-german Engagement

In this week’s Issue of Point de Vue the engament of Prince Françoisof Orléans and Theresa von Einsiedel was announced. Prince Françoisis the second son and youngest child of Prince Michael of Framce, Comte de Evreux (one of the sons of the late Comte de Paris) and his wife Beatrice. Theresa is one of the daughters of Curt-Hildebrand von Einsidel and his wife Amelie, née Fürstin von Urach. The Urach’s are a moranatich branch of the Royal House of Württemberg. Through her mother she is realted to the Houses Bavaria, Thurn and Taxis, Luxembourg and many more.
In an short Interview the bride gave to Bunte she told that when he proposed to her the groom had forgot the ring which she will soon get. The plan to marry this summer near Munich. The couple meet 3 years ago at friend in Vieena. At the moment they have to speek english to eachother as she doesn’t yet speek french whicb she is learning at the Moment. After the Wedding she will move to France.

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