Fürst Christian zu Bentheim and Steinfurt celebrates 90th birthday

Christian , Fürst  zu of Bentheim and Steinfurt completed on Monday 09.December his 90 years of Life. Years . The day is celebrated with regard to the deaths in the Princely Family  only in the immediate family .
He is grateful for a fulfilling life and grateful for every year, which is given to him. Fürst Christian zu Bentheim and Steinfurt celebrates on Monday 09. Decemver his 90th birthday.  Actually enough reason to celebrate the day. But the grief over the loss of his sister  Princess Juliane  and the death of his wife Fürstin  Sylvia who died on 02.10. and on 15.11.  October 15 or  have leave to the deicioson of the Fürst to distance from all the festivities. Only in the small circle of the family the  birthday is celebrated with all due respect to the recent sad events .In any case Fürst Christian  has never questioned his own person in the foreground of Bentheim and Steinfurt. Modesty was and always has been to him a virtue. Orientation give him Christian beliefs and values. Strength he draws in the faith , who has him as Superintendent Joachim Anicker remarked at the funeral of Fürstin Sylvia , also given the strength to cope with the death of his next of kin. God trust is important to Fürst Christian . It gives him comfort and encourages him .Important to the Fürst  was always well  his house knowing well ordered for the future. One hand there are the traditions , which the Fürst always saw himself obliged to responsibly and sustainably deal with the cultural heritage of his ancestors and to leave sorted subsequent generations , on the other hand he has also always reveal the willingness to support changes in a changing society . Even though he was already 20 years retired from the leadership of the Prince of Bentheimschen domain chamber and the administration has left Hereditary Prince Carl Ferdinand of Bentheim and Steinfurt, so his voice has always been heard in major decisions , both inside and outside the royal house. His advice was sought not only as a patron  of the Evangelical church , as a function of carrier in different federations and associations , but also in the political and social space , even if he has never interfered directly in decision-making processes .
His life evening spends Fürst  Christian much  with reading books. Socio-political and Christian themes are at the top of his reading list. He maintains contact with his companions and friends – and he writes letters . Maintenance of course he finds in the family. It gives the now 90 -year-old security – today and for each subsequent year that is given to him and for which he is grateful.

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