Rosenau Castle

Rosenau Castle and Park was bought in 1805 by Duke Franz Friedrich Anton of Saxe-Coburg- Saalfeld. He gave it to his son and successor Duke Ernst I. who used it as Summer Residence. From 1806-1817 it was rebuild in the newgothic stye and the Parc was remodelled in the english style.
It was here that on 10.08.1819 prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the younger son of Duke Ernst I. was born. he later married his cousin Queen Victoria of Great Britain. It was later often visited by him and his wife and also after his death Queen Victoria sometimes stayed at the Castle. Duke Ernst II. the successor of Duke Ernst I. didn’t use the Castle and let his nephew and successor Duke Alfred the use of it. Duke Alfred died in 1900 at the Cavallery House at the Rosenau. In 1920 the Estate was taken over by the Coburger Ladnesstiftung but the daughters of Duke Alfred had use of it until 1938. After the second Wiorld War it was used as Residence for Seniores of Coburg. Only in 1972 it was bought by the State Bavaria who renovated it and since 1990 it is open for Visitors.

The Lions fountain

The Cavalliers House

The Cavalliers House


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