70th birthday Duchess Diane of Württemberg

On 24. Aopril 2010 the 70th birthday of HRH Duchess Diane of Württemberg was celebrated at Altshausen Castle. On of the Events was a reception at the former Alte Remise of the Castle which was renovated in the past months and now reopened as Gallery where the Artworks of the Duchess are on display. Among the guests where are a lot of local politicans and people from the foundations which the Duchess helps with the sale of her artworks but also the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg Stefan Mappus with his wife, as the former Prime Minister Lothar Späth with his wife Ursula (who happen to be good friends of the Royal Family). Other guests included Prince Radu of Romania who walked together with the Royal family, the First Lady of Paraguay and the mayor of Stuttgart with his wife.




Duchess Marie, Duchess Diane and Duke Carl



Count Moritz of Goess, Duchess Marie Caroline and Duke Philipp,
behind them Duke Michael and Duchess Julia, Hereditary Countess Mathilde and
Hereditary Count Erich of Waldburg zu Zeil and Trauchburg


Duchess Helene, Margravine Pallavicini and her
husband Margrave Friedrich Pallavicini

Duke Friedrich and Mercedes Lugo de
Maidana, First Lady of Paraguay


Duke Friedrich came out to welcome
the highest guests

Duke Friedrich welcomes Prime Minister Stefan Mappus
and his wife Susanne Verweyen-Mappus


Arrival of former Prime Minster Lothar Späth
and his wife Ursula

Gebhard Fürst, Bishop of Rottenburg-Stuttgart

The major of Stuttgart Wolfgang Schuster
and his wife Stefanie



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