Alice and Lukas – Andechs 29.08.2009

On 29. August 2009 the Church of Andechs Monastery saw a real royal-noble Wedding when HRH Princess Alice of Bavaria married there HSH Prince Lukas of Auersperg. The monastery is just a few miles in the southwest of Munich on top of a hill. Just down the hill inside the grounds of the monastery many relatvies of the bride are buried including her grandfather Prince Ludwig who died last year at the age of 95. The brides father Prince Luitpold is second in line to the Headship of the Royal House of Bavaria after the bachelor Duke Franz of Bavaria and his brother Duke Max in Bavaria who only has five daughters but no son. The top of the hill where the Church is was closed to the public who cold stand a little bit down the hill on the side. Many of the Guest arrived on feet and walked down the hill but also a lot where driven up the hill in Cars and small Buses. Among the Guest who where present where Duke Franz of Bavaria, Duke Max and Duchess Elizabeth in Bavaria with their 4 younger daughtes and 3 son-in-laws, Prince Rasso and Prine Therese of Bavaria, Prince Christoph of Bavaria, Prince Leopold and Princess Ursula of Bavaria with son Manuel and his wife Anna who is expecting her second child, Prince Adalbert and Princess Sandra of Bavaria, Hereditary Prince Rudolf of Croy, Duke Duarte and Duchess Isabel of Bragnaza, Fürst Albert of Thurn and Taxis, Prince Michel and Princess Leonor of Ligne.
One of the last gfuests to arrive was Duke Franz of Bavaria, the Head of the Royal Family. The bride, Princess Alice arrived short before 13h00 accompanied by her father Prince Luitpold and her older sister Princess Auguste. The Mess which was officiatred by Abtprimas Prf. Dr. Notker Wolf and Pater Valentin Ziegler lasted a little bit more then 1 hour. The witnesses where Princess Auguste of Bavaria (sister of the bride), Cordula Rommel, Benedikt Wressning, Count Felix zu Clam-Martinic, Baron Maximilian of Heine-Geldern and Constantin Gussich. Among the flower children where Princess Odilia of Bavaria, Maximilian Terberger and Prince Leopold of Bavaria. The bridal Couple walked down the Aisle to the Hallelujah of Händel and where greeted by the Guests outside the Church who had build a Passage and throw rose leaves on them. The Couple wlaked to a lawn opposide the Church where the posed for photos. Soon afterward the went into the Fürstentrakt of the Monastery where a Reception took place. Later in the afternoon the Couple left the recpetion and drove away in a car which was driven by the brides brother, Prince Ludwig of Bavaria. In the evening a private Celebration took place at Leutstetten Castle, the home of the bride’s grandmother Princess Irmingard.

My photos from the Wedding

The photos are copyrighted and not to be used without my permisson


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