Villa Marienwahl Ludwigsburg

The Villa was bought by the then Prince Wilhelm in 1878 and according to the wishes of his wife, Princess Marie the Couple made it their Residence and not the Crown Princely Palace in Stuttgart. Here where their children born and it was here where pricness marie died only died in 1881 after giving birth to a stillborn daughter. Even after he Wilhelm became King in 1891 and he moved into the Wilhelmspalais in Stuttgart he used Marienwahl and not the big Residence Castle when he stayed in Ludwigsburg. After his death in 1921 Marienwahl went to his only daughter Princess Pauline who was married to Fürst Friedrich zu Wied. Fürstin Pauline died there in 1965 and is buried on the Horsepaddock behind the Villa. After her death Marienwahl was onherited by her younger son and is now in the posession of her grandson, Prince Ulrich zu Wied. As his only daghter Marie is married to Duke Friedrich of Württemberg, the oldest son of Duke Carl and future Head of the House it could be that in in the future will again belong to the House of Württemberg.
The grave of Princess Pauline,
Fürstin zu Wied (1878-1965)
Old BurialGround
The graves of Prince Ulrich (1880) and
the stillborn daughter (1881)
Grave of Princess Marie, née Princess
zu Waldeck and Pyrmont (1857-1881)
Grave of King Wilhelm II.
Grave of Queen Charlotte, née Princess
zu Schaumburg-Lippe (1864-1946)

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