Ducal Wedding at Coburg – religious Wedding

On the day of the religious Wedding we meet very early at the St. Moritz Church. Luckily we good a very good place just opposide the Main-Entrance of the church. Around 10h00 the last flower-arrangements before the Church where put in place.The around 400 Guests startet to arrive around 11h00, the all walked on feet to the Church as the space before the Church is limited. Only the most imprtant Guest and the bridal Couple and their Family where droven to the Church. Around 11h30 2 Cars drove by. In one of it was Prince Andreas and Princess Stephanie and in the other the groom and his witnesses. They posed on the steps before the doors and where greeted by Duke Franz of Bavaria, Prinz Leopold and Princess Ursula of Bavaria and Prine Johann Georg of Hohenzollern and some other Guests who arrived just after them. After astaying on the steps of the Church they went inside. And then finally the bride arribved. She came in a car together with her parents Captain Christian and Cheryl Rondestvedt.Hher mother helped her out of the Car. The bride wore an white gown with a short train and a long Veil. Instead of a tiara shw wore histioric necklace who once belonged to the grooms great-great-grandmother Duchess Helene of Albany. She was accompanied by her father up the steps at one monent he had to help her with her Veil. She walked down the aisle to the Präludium Es-Dur of Johann Sebastian Bach. Also a song was song by children of the “Marienkindergarten”, once attended by the the groom. In his sermon the pastor Markus Metz talked about the language miracle of love. The bridal Couple walked down the aisle to the Coburger Josias March.The bridal Couple posed on the steps of the Church for a few mintues and after asked by the photographers they kissed each other short fior 2 times. Then they entered an open Carriage and drove over the Marketplace to the Ehrenburg Castle. After arriving there they where greeted by the Schützengarde and the Guests who had walked the short distance from the Church. In the Riesensaal of the Castle a Recpetion took place for around 400 Guests.

My Photos from the Wedding

The photos are copyrighted and not to be used without my permisson

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