Kirchheim Castle

Some time ago i visited Kirchheim Castle in Swabia which belongs today to Fürstin Angela Fugger of Glött, widow of the last Fürst Joseph Ernst who died in 1981.
In 1551 Anton Fugger bought the property Kirchheim. After the Fugger-Estate was parted it went to Hans Fugger. In the years 1578-1585 the Castle of Kirchheim was build as summer residence for the Family. After it was ready it looked like the Escorial near Madrid. In the years 1580-1583 the Castle Chruch was build who is also the parish Church of Kirchheim. In the year 1585 the Zedern hall was constructed. it can today be visitied and there are often classical Concerts who take place in it. In 1878 the Castle was inherited by the Count Fugger of Glött (since 1913 Fürsten Fugger von Glött) whose main residence it is since 1886. In 1981 the last male member of the Family Fürst Joseph Ernst died and the Castle is now in the posession of his Widow, Fürstin Angela.

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