Altshausen Castle

3 Years ago after the Wedding of Duke Michael and Julia Storz which took place at Friedrichshafen i and some friends made also an Visit at Altshausen Castle the Residence of TRH Duke Carl and Duchess Diane of Württemberg.
The Castle is only since 200 years in the posession of the Family of Württemberg. Originally there was an old Castle which belonged to the Counts of Altshausen, but the moved to Veringen and took the Title Count of Veringen. In 1264 it became in the posession of the German Order. During a big fire in 1434 most of the Old Castle was destroyed. Soon there was a new Castle build and in the 17. Century Johann Caspar Bagnato had to plan a big Baroque Residence. But only a few of his planes where practiced. After the German order was dissolved i 1806 the Castle and Park came in the posession of the Royal Family of Württemberg. After the monarchy was abolished in 1918 HRH Duke Albrecht of Württemberg moved to Altshausen in 1919 and inherited it in 1921 after the death of HM King Wilhelm II. It has became the tradition that Altshausen is the Residence of the Head of the Royal House and the oldest son and Heir lives at Friedrichshafen Castle.

The Gate Building

The Gate Building

The New Castle where the Family lives

The New Castle where the Family lives

The Old Castle before it is one of the Works of HRH Duchess Diane

 The private Garden with Sculptures of HRH Duchess Diane


The Castle Church St. Michael

The entrance to the Crypt where the members of the Royal Family are buried



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