Royal Brussels

Recently i was in Brussels for a few days where i among others visited the Royal palace which is only open for 2 months from the End of July. I also made an Visit to Laeken where i visted the Royal Crypta the Notre Dame and walked areound the Domain of Laken to have a look on the Castle and the toher Places there.



The Bellevue Museum

Statue of King Baudouin I. before the
Cathedral St. Michel et Gudule

Statue of King Léopold I. at the
Rue Royale/Koningsstraat

Statue of King Léopold II. at
Place de Throne

Statue of King Albvert I. at the
Albertina Place

and opposide to him

the Statue of Queen Elisabeth

Memorial for Queen Astrid at Laeken

Laeken Castle


Monument for King
Léopold I.
at Laeken


the Chinese Pavillon at Laaken

and the

Chinese Tower


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