Neues Schloss Stuttgart

Last week i visited a place which i have already seen often from outside but have never been inside. The Neue Schloss (new Castle) in Stuttgart. It is not open to the public and the only way to see it from inside is to make a special guided tour which one has to book in advance. This was what i made last week.
Reason for the building of the Castle was that Duke Carl Eugen came to back Württemberg after his education on other Courts and took started to reign. As he didn’t wanted to live at the Alte Schloß (Old Castle) it was decided to build a new Castle for him in Stuttgart so that the Stuttgart would again become the Residence. It was started in 746 after the plans of Leopold Reti and after his death Philippe de la Guêpière. In 1762 the Garden Wing burned down and the buildings where stopped. Only in 1775 when Carl Eugen’s niece Grand Duchess maria feodrovna of Russia (née Princess Sophjie Dorothea of Württemberg) and her husband the future Tsar Paul I. visited Stuttgart parts of the Castle where renovated. The Castle was finally finsied inside and outside until 1807 but the rooms where redecorated a few times until 1918. The last royal Couple to live in it where King Karl I. and Queen Olga, née Grand Duchess of Russia as King Wilhelm II. and Queen Charlotte preferred the Wilhelms Palais which he inherited from his aunt, Princess Marie, Countess of Neipperg. From 1918 until 1939 there where Museums in the Castle. The Castle was heavily destroyed through bombs in 1944. when it burned a few days. After long debattes in 1954 it was finally deciced to rebuild the oustide from the Castle but only parts from the Inside where rebuild. Today there are in the Gardenwing the Offices of the Minstrery of Finances and in the Citywing the Offices of the Minstery of Education. In the Central Wing are some rooms who are used by the Prime Minster of Baden-Württemberg for official Events.
The Jubilee Pilar errected for the Silver Jubilee of King Wilhelm I.
Statue of Duke Christoph
The Entrance Hall
The staircase
The Garde Hall

The Marble Hall


One of the Silver candelabres
in the Marble Hall

Portraits of Duke Carl Eugen and Duke

Friedrich Eugen in the Marble Hall

2 rooms who are used by the Prime Minister for the when he receives Guests They where not decorated as the looked before 1945. We where told that the have been redocareted the last time for Queen Olga before she moved in after the acession of her husband in 1864.
The Banquet Hall

The Red Cabinett

In this room there hangs an very important painting.Iit shows the Württemberg (or Rotenberg) how it looked before 1819 when there was the old Castle of the Family on it. It was demolited on Order of King Wilhelm I. and he build there a Burial Chapel for his beloved wife, Queen Katharina, née Grand Duchess of Russia


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