Anna and Klaus – Tegernsee 08.09.2007

In September last year i travelled to Tegernsee for the Wedding of HRH Duchess Anna in Bavaria and Dr. Klaus Runow whixh took place on 08. September 2007. As the Wedding-Service was scheduled to start at 10h00 in the morning i travelled already on Friday and arrived there in the early afternnon. After having been at my Hotel i walked to the Castle to look for the preparations and spotted that there was a rehearsal in the Church and i was allowed to stay in. The bride discussed some things with her mother and her siters Marie Caroline, Sophie and Elizabeth. Then the groom with his parents come out of the Church and showed them how the should pose for the press on the big day. The funniest thing was when short later Duke Philipp of Württemberg went outside with the children and trained with them the way along the red carpet and told how to behave.In the evening there was a reception in the Bräustüberl which is located in the Castle-Complex. One of the firsts to arrive there was Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein, followed by Duke Friedrich of Württemberg.

On the Wedding-Day i was very early at the Castle but not much happened. Luckily on this day i did not rain.
Duke Eberhard of Württemberg arrived and did not know what to do with his gift. He together with the brides cousins Hereditary Count Erich of Waldburg-Zeil and Hereditary Count Alexander of Quadt where outside the Church and greeted the guests. On of the first to arrive where Prince Rasso and Princess Therese of Bavaria. I could only stay a few metres opposede the Church because most of the guests arrived with their cars and it would have been to dangerous otherwise. Around 9h30 it became quiet hectic because now most of the guests arrived. Some like the Württemberg-Family did not come with cars only Duke Friedrich and Duchess Marie of Württemberg wo arrived together with Prince Ulrich and Princess Ilke zu Wied. Shortly after 10h00 finally the cortege came from the castle with first Duchess Elizabeth and the grooms father, the brides sisters with their husband and then the groom with his mother. After they where in church the beaming bride with her father came and waved to the crowd.
The Ceremony lasted for around 1,5 hours. The last song was “Großer Gott wir loben dich”. Luckily the pubilc was no allowed very much closer only around 1,5 metres opposide the red Carpet and i had a place facing the entrance door so i could see the Couple and the guests very close. After the guests had left the church i soon went inside and looked around but soon was send out because only 1 hour later there would be another wedding for which the Church had to be prepared prepairerd.
In the afternoon i stood near the Castle and watched how the guests left the reception. I could see the through the Windows.At some point i spotted the bride behind one of the doors which lead to balcony and when she looked out i waved to her and she waved back. Shortly later she and Klaus come out on the Balcony for a few minutes

My Pictures from the Wedding

The photos are copyrighted and not to be used without my permisson

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