Wallerstein Castle

On my Way back home from the Wedding of Prince Karl-Emich zu Leiningen and Countess Isabelle von und zu Egloffstein i made a stop at Wallerstein where the Princely Family of Oettingen-Wallerstein is located. As the Family lives in it it can not be visited. In the autumn of 1803, Fürstin Wilhelmine of Oettingen-Wallerstein appointed Johann Melchior Hochstatter as her chief architect, who was to combine the Lower Residence with her four buildings into a castle. In the spring of 1805, the two buildings on the south side, the Green House House and the Welschenbau were started. The planes of the two upper floors, the windows of which all go into the palace courtyard and thus to the north, were certainly part of the new concept: in a correspondingly overstated opposite On the north side of the courtyard the rooms of the sun would have been situated. When, however, the South Wing was near completion at the end of 1805, the peace of Pressburg was the end of the Old Reich, and the integration into the Kingdom of Bavaria came … But for a mediatised prince, what had been built at the Residenzschloss in Wallerstein had to be sufficient. Thus, the expansion of the residence remained unfinished.
Part of the palace is an English-style courtyard garden, which is no longer accessible to the public, and is based on a plan by Michael Anton Koch from 1826. In the Hofgarten there is also the riding school, built according to the Viennese Court Riding School, with a museum for chariot racing, the hunting castle, the teahouse, and the Moritzschlössche built at the beginning of the 19th century

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