Princely Wedding at Pappenheim

On 07. June 2008 the religious Wedding of Prince Karl-Emich zu Leiningen and Countess Isabelle von und zu Egloffsgtein took place at Pappenheim. The couple had already married civil on 08. Septemberg 2007 at Amorbach. For the groom it is already the third marriage after his first marriage to Princess Margarita zu Hohenlohe-Oehringen, who died in an car-crash in 1989, and his second marriage to Gabriele Thyssen who ended in divorce in 1998. The protestant Service took place at the Klosterkirche at Pappenheim which is in the posession of the brides Family. The Family walked from the Old Castle along a long green carpet to the Church. First in the procession was the groom accompanied by his mother-in-law, Countess Iniga von und zu Egloffstein, followed by the grooms 2 daughters and the siblings of the bride. From the grooms Family nobody was present, aprt from his 2 daughter
Short later arrived the bride accompanied by her father, Count Albrecht von und zu Egloffstein.
After the 1 hour Service the bridal couple followed by the Family and all the guests walked over the green carpet to the Old Castle where an reception took place.
Among the royal guest where
  • Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia
  • Prince Jean of Fance, Duke of Vendôme
  • Prince Eudes and Princess Marie-Liesse of France, Duke and Duchess of Angoulême
  • Duke Eugen and Duke Alexander of Württemberg
  • Fürst Hubertus and Fürstin Alexandra Fugger von Babenhausen
  • Hereditary Prince Ludwig and Hereditary Princess Elisabeth zu Löwenstein-Wertheim- Freudenberg with daughters Sophie and Amelie
  • Hereditary Prince Maximilian and Hereditary Princess Marissa zu Bentheim-Tecklenburg
  • Hereditary Prince Carl-Fedinand and Hereditary Princess Elna-Margret zu Bentheim und Steinfurt
  • Eckbert von Bohlen und Halbach with wife Princess Désirée of Hohenzollern
  • Andreas and Kira Marina von Bismarck with daughters
  • Prince Maximilian and Princess Sophie zu Ysenburg und Büdingen
  • Hereditary Count Franz Clemens and Hereditary Countess Stephanie zu Waldburg- Zeil-Hohenems
  • Prince Albrecht of Hohenzollern
  • Fürst Karl and Fürstin Katharina of Wrede with daughter-in-law Katalin
  • Count Matthias and Countess Christiane zu Castell-Rüdenhausen
  • Prince Johannes zu Hohenlohe-Jagstberg.

My Pictures from the Wedding

The photos are copyrighted and not to be used without my permisson


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